Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hola familia!

This week was a good week, but this email will be short because not
TOO much happened. It was a great spiritual week for me, and I have
really been focusing on building up spiritually. It happened to be a
perfect week for that because we got to go to the temple twice! :)
Along with that, there were a few things that happened this week that
really could have thrown me down, but for some reason I just felt so
comforted like all would work out. This week was also full of tender
mercies. I think I've finally learned to look on the bright side. :)

We got to go to the temple on Saturday, and for the first time, I did
baptisms. :) It was Graciela's first trip to the temple, and President
Taggart allows us to go with new members even though it's not their
endowment. It was a great experience. I confirmed and baptized at
least 20 people. ;) The spirit is always so strong in the temple. It
was a nice feeling to be a part of helping more sounds come unto
Christ. As we went to the temple today, the same feeling of peace and
happiness was felt. I feel like I have a stronger testimony of the
temple since the last time I went, so it means more to me. It sure is
a blessing to have the opportunity to receive what we do though the
temples—such as having a family that lasts forever and providing that
opportunity to those who haven't had it. If one can truly come to
understand the meaning of the temple—not so much the "what's" or
"how's" of the temple—but ultimately the "why's", it all just comes
together and makes sense. After that understanding comes more of a
sense of "why wouldn't I go to the temple." And that is what I have
seen. The changes I can see in people's lives is so evident, I could
never deny the simplicity and divinity of having the blessings of the
temples on earth. I hope that all who have the opportunity to go take
advantage of it.

I received a message from Roberto this week that was truly a tender
mercy. He told me of how he has, since I've left, received the
Melchizedek Priesthood, participated in baptisms for the dead, and
even given his first two priesthood blessings. He is so solid, and I
just love hearing about how he is truly living the gospel. I look
forward to coming back for their temple sealing in November. :)

Rosa gave us a scare this week. She told us she doesn't want to go to
church anymore, and that she will not. :/ But then she went on to
explain... When she was in Mexico, she was a Psychologist and she had
to help quite a few young people overcome being molested at church
camps. No one would believe them so from that moment on she distanced
herself from organized religion, because she had so much pain and
hatred built up against the religious leaders who were involved. It
wasn't until we came by that it was the first time she had gone to
church. She said that although she loves the environment, it reminds
her of those experiences and that she needs to figure that out before
she can come back. It is something that has been really hard on her...
However, a few of the ward members came with us this week to work on
her yard and while we were there, our ward mission leader talked to
her. We aren't exactly sure what was said, but she showed up out of
nowhere on Sunday! We were just planning on Vlad showing  up, but then
she came in after him. It was great! We were so happy to see them. I
just love them and she talked about wanting to meet you again, Mom. :)
She's awesome—and Vlad was hanging with us and working near us to talk
to us during service. He keeps saying that he has already seen a
difference and he loves it. We are so grateful to be helping them!

Now a quick update on the other investigators. Juan (the ex-agnostic)
is SO set. We talked to him about the temples and he just soaked it
all in like it was nothing. He has been prepared, for sure. He finally
got Sundays off, so he is coming this Sunday! :) Ramon (the smoker)
said that he wants to keep smoking and doesn't want us coming over
anymore. We think he just relapsed, so we are going to see if we can
help him understand it doesn't have to be the end. So please pray for
him as well! More updates next week—all out of time again! :/

Well, I hope you are all doing well! The work out here is great! So
much to do, I am so glad that we have another Elder Gallego and Elder
Sewell to help out. :) Love you so much! CuĂ­dense!

-Elder Gallego

"I think there is no place in the world where I feel closer to The
Lord than in one of his holy temples." President Thomas S. Monson

P.S. Check out the cool knot I tied! :)
P.P.S. Our district is GQ.
P.P.P.S. Elder Andersen came back!

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