Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hola familia!
I LOVE THE MISSION! I just wanted to start off by saying that because this week has been amazing! We are SO swamped with work to do, we have no time to go knocking. Which is good! Although knocking is a great way to find people, we are so busy with contacting member referrals and helping progressing investigators, that we haven't had the need to! I love it so much! The work of the Lord is hastening, and it is so evident right now. I sure am grateful to be a part of it.
So much has happened this week, and I really cannot even keep track of it all. I really need to get back into writing in my journal so that I don't forget it all. ;) For starters, I had another doctors appt this week, and everything went great. I am glad that I am seeing the best of the best it seems. :) The cool part about my doctors appt, though, is that Elder Collett (our housing coordinator) took me. He is SO COOL! He talked to me all about his conversion story and the genealogy work that he has done. He has SO many stories, and I loved hearing all about them! Another cool part is that he took me down PCH on the way home! I saw the beach! For the first time in 9 months I was able to see waves and sand and it was a beautiful day. I sure did take a trip down memory lane as we passed by Ruby on the Pier. It was amazing. It was a nice quick break from all the commotion. :) What was ironic was that two Mini Coopers that looked JUST like your's, Mom, drove next to us the whole way, so I was a little paranoid, but then I noticed it wasn't you. :( Sad, but at least I get to talk to you in two weeks! WOO!
Also, we have been finding new solid investigators like crazy. We finally got in contact with Gloria and she has a baptismal date! She was an investigator of Elder Tueller before I got here. They lost contact with her when Elder Tueller and I white washed the area and the North Elders took over her area. So for all last transfer they have been trying to find her! She was going to church every Sunday, was really committed to reading and praying, and then, all of the sudden they couldn't get in contact with her. Elder Tueller was pretty sad. BUT, Elder Parkinson and I stopped by this week, and, on our first try, we found her, had an EXTREMELY powerful lesson with her, and committed her to be baptized this coming month. We are so happy for her because she is a perfect example of someone really looking for the truth. SHE FOUND IT! I'll keep you updated on her! So many amazing stories to share with you this week!
We got a referral from headquarters that we have been trying to contact for the past couple weeks now, and this time when we stopped by, we did not find her, but instead we found her roommate who speaks Spanish, Perla, who is TOTALLY prepared to listen to our message. She will definitely benefit from it! So cool, because turns out, the referral doesn't even speak Spanish...puro ingles, so we had to pass her, but it was no accident that we got that referral. We would have never found Perla otherwise. I will keep you updated on her next week!
Funny story of the week is that I pulled another prank in my sleep! Hahaha Elder Parkinson hates the sound of people eating, and apparently one night when I was sleep talking I started making sounds like I was chewing on something, and it drove him insane haha I am an awesome sleep pranker! haha
Well, I have more stories to share, but I have run out of time. :( So I will mention an AWESOME one we had today, next week! Love you all so much, and I hope all is well with you! Congrats on getting the job offer, Dad, I love that the Lord answers our prayers and offerings of fasting. I love you and miss you! Cuidense!
-Elder Gallego
"The past is behind: learn from it.
 The future is ahead: prepare for it.
 The present is here: live in it!" President Thomas S. Monson


Hola familia!

First off, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, ALYSSA! I hope you have a great time and have a blast celebrating, although I won't be there. :( I'm sure you'll have lots of fun anyways. I hope you like what I got you. Look out in the mail, and the rule is DON'T OPEN UNTIL YOUR BIRTHDAY! ;) Love you sis, thanks for all that you do for me, you're the best sister ever! :)

Now, as you can tell by the title of this email, it came as no surprise to us that through transfers, the Mesans have been broken up. :( Elder Tueller has been transferred to Costa Mesa (which is secretly awesome because now you can go take he and his new companion, Elder Lear, out to dinner! :)). We were super sad to say goodbye to each other, he broke my pattern of two transfers per companion, and it's even more sad that it's HIM that is breaking it. We sure wish we could have had another transfer together, Anaheim 11 is just starting to pick up! The ward was extremely upset as well. They loved us as a companionship. ;) They are upset that the missionaries in this ward get switched out so much. He was only here for two transfers, but alas, he is gone. Sad goodbye, but we will see each other again in Mesa. ;)

On the bright side, my new companion is cool! His name is Elder Parkinson from Logan, Utah. This will be my second Utah companion...wish me luck. ;) Ha, just kidding, I love all my companions, no matter how hard or stubborn they may be at times (secretly because I know that I'm stubborn and have to be right, too ha). I look forward to a great transfer, I am sure we are going to light it up here in Anaheim and pickup right where Elder Tueller and I left off. He and I are ready to work, and that we will!

This week was another really busy one as Elder Tueller and I continued to work with the ward to find creative ways to find more investigators. Our teaching now during our District Meetings and Zone Meetings is about how knocking doors is not the only way to find. In fact, it isn't the most effective either. 90% of the time, the investigators fall through and disappear and go nowhere. However, 90% of the member referrals turn into a successful life change and baptism. I know I have stressed it a million times before, but I'll say it again, MEMBERS ARE SO IMPORTANT! Please work with the missionaries in your ward, they need your help! We were flooded with referrals this week, and things have picked up so fast here all of the sudden that we still haven't been able to contact them all yet. The ward members have really picked up the pace here and are ready to step it up, and we love seeing the dedication in this amazing ward! Plus, we have a couple of wonderful missionary activities coming up to find more people! This Friday, we will be having a Ward Movie Night, giving the ward members a chance to have a creative way to invite friends to the church. We really hope for a great output, so please keep Anaheim 11 in your prayers that we will see success from this activity. Also, for the 4th of May, an English family will be having a 5 de Mayo party at an apartment complex to invite their Spanish neighbors out to meet them! How awesome is that?! That even the English ward is helping us out! :) I LOVE THIS AREA!

Right now, sadly, we had to drop our investigators because they stopped keeping commitments and progressing, but with all the finding that is going on right now, we are not worried that we will not be able to find more! We have a lot of potential coming up, so I will keep you updated on how it all goes! Woo!

Also this week, I went to my first Mormon Helping Hands event! It was awesome! So many people showed up from all over the Spanish stake to help clean and refurbish an external museum. It was really neat to see the difference the recipients of the project felt. They were so grateful and basically overwhelmed by how many people were there! It was amazing. :) LOVED IT! 

Something interesting that happened this week, was that when we went to the library to make a flyer for the Ward Movie Night, we found a kid passed out at the computer. He was completely limp and bent over his chair, and no one said anything until we got there! Not even a nurse sitting across from him did anything...it was interesting. We went and told the employees and they called the paramedics and everything. Turns out he was having a seizure and had just drank a whole bottle of Vodka in the bathroom before jumping on the computer. Before the paramedics arrived, we helped get him down to the ground and tried reviving him. He was still alive and breathing, thank goodness, and we found out he only speaks Spanish once he came to, so we had to translate a little for the paramedics before they put him in the ambulance and took him to the hospital. He said he wanted to die...it was sad. Hopefully all went well with him.

Well, time for me to go now, I have a busy P-Day ahead of me with a new companion! :) Love you all so much, can't wait to talk to you soon! :) Love you and miss you and I hope all is well with you! Los amo mucho!

-Elder Gallego

"The Lord can only teach an inquiring mind." (Thanks Sister Kelsi Johnson! ;))


Hola familia!

Holy moley, this week has been SO busy! I don't even know what to talk about. So much has happened this week, and I didn't have time to write it all down, soooo hopefully I can recount most of it so I can remember it later in life. ;) I love you all and continue to love hearing from you. 

We hit the ground running this week because we had a lot to catch up on, and we sure did! Our numbers have soared, and we are seeing so much success in this area. I absolutely love this ward and cannot even think of possibly leaving them this week. They are all just so amazing! It's already time for transfers again, can you believe it?! It is crazy to me that our little greenie, Elder Richards, in our district is already halfway done with training. I remember being in his shoes and thinking that training would take forever! ha Hopefully he's enjoyed being surrounded by Mesa-ans. ha 

We had 2 sets of exchanges this week, first, Elder Richards came to our area, and we worked way hard, and then Elder Speakman (my first District Leader, now my Zone Leader) and I worked REALLY hard, also, to find some more investigators to fill our pool. It was amazing! I love working and staying busy! We had a couple of neat experiences, and not one person rejected us that whole day ha. Elder Speakman says it's because I have a very "open" personality and just get right to making them feel comfortable, while he is awkward haha. We had a blast though, it was dejavu for me to be back with him!

Elder Tueller and I also started a big service project for the ward this week...the ward list. For those who are or have been in a Spanish ward, the lists can be difficult, because they move alot, so we have noticed a lot of holes and non-existent numbers and addresses, and have really jumped in to help them out the best we can. It is an excellent way to get to meet the less-actives of the ward! I have a goal to work hard with the less-actives in our ward, just like the last one, so that I can see them returning to the truth that I know they already have a testimony of in their hearts. It is going to take a lot of work, but we have been very busy calling all of the ward members and straightening everything out. We're excited. :)

A highlight of our week was that are car was broken into. :( BUT before you freak out and await the damage report, let me inform you that nothing important was taken! In fact, it was REALLY strange. Luckily, I took out my GPS that night to work on the ward list, so it was already safe within the walls of our apartment. :) We came to our car that morning and I found all the stuff from our glove compartments on the ground in front of my seat. At first I just thought we accidentally made a mess grabbing the ward list from the car, but then I realized that things were missing. The strange thing is that the only things we found missing were my sunglasses, our car report (super strange), Elder Tueller's CD collection (that one was a little bumming :( ), and our apartment complex clicker. Our gas card wasn't even taken. So we thought it was a missionary prank, because we couldn't figure out who in the world would want a log of the miles we have driven in our cars and a bunch of church music, but turns out the nearest missionaries are a good 15 minutes away...so sure enough, we were raided, but nothing of huge importance was lost, thank goodness.

In other news, we were able to go to the Temple today, YAY! I was so excited to finally go again, and we almost missed it because the traffic was SO bad! But, despite the traffic, we made it in RIGHT before they closed the doors and were able to enjoy another wonderful temple session. I love the spirit that is felt there. I love the ability I have to experience the sacred feelings of the temple. Such a blessing to have one in my mission!

Other than all of that, I am pretty sure that is it. I will continue to keep you all updated, I don't really know what else to say. ;) Love you all so much, and before I go, I want to share a cool thought with you that Momma Couch sent me in a letter that I thought was really neat!

See your goal
Understand the obstacles
Create a positive mental picture
Clear your mind of any self-doubt
Embrace the challenges
Stay on track
Show the world you can do it

I thought that was super neat, and so true. The key to success is not giving up! Love you all so much, I look forward to hearing more from you soon! LOVE YOU!

-Elder Gallego

"Your perspective is always limited by how much you know. Expand your knowledge, and you will transform your mind."

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hola Familia!

Whew! This week was quite the roller coaster, and I am still working on picking up all the pieces, but just know that everything is alright now. The week didn't start off great, with the fact that my migraines with auras returned Monday night, and there was a lot of confusion because I didn't have my mom here to help me out ;) but it's all good now. After a miraculous blessing, my symptoms went away immediately, and I have returned to normal. SO, the week went on! I really felt my faith tested this week, and truly agree in the words of President Uchtdorf when he said, "with Christ, darkness cannot succeed." I sure am grateful for the loving sacrifice of our dear old brother, and I am grateful to know that even in my hardest times, he is always there beside me. :) If you could all please keep me in your prayers that the doctor's visits go well and that I won't have any more difficulties, it would be greatly appreciated. :)

Due to the medical difficulties this week, out number took quite a toll, and weren't the greatest, but it seemed that sickness spread throughout our District this week. All 4 companionships were effected this week, but after what seemed like "blessings for all" we have recovered, and we are well and ready for a great week!

Highlights of the week were that the whole District worked together in the Hermana's area to help them with their struggling pool of investigators. We had a great time each taking parts of their area and knocking or visiting current investigators. Elder Tueller and I showed up where they wanted us to go, and didn't stop talking or working for a good 2 hours ha. People were coming up to us, and we were getting lots of referrals. It was super cool! Turns out, the same sort of thing was happening with the other companionships where they went, as well, so we all left their area with a lot of work and following up to keep them busy. ;) It was sure neat to see the District work as a team. Elder Tueller really is a great District Leader.

Another highlight is that we had General Conference! Woo Hoo! I was SO excited! I can't believe it has already been 6 months. Time is flying! I was able to listen to all of Saturday in English, and all of Sunday in Spanish. I was comfortable with either, surprisingly! I am so blessed to have the gift of tongues, and I really feel that I am finally becoming fluent! :D It has been a blast studying more an more language and learing all the "dichos" of the culture. I love hearing all the talks, and, of course, I was extremely excited to hear President Monson's and Elder Holland's talks. I was also impressed by Elder Nelson's "Catch the Wave" talk! It was great to see the connection he drew between all the different age groups and how their efforts can benefit the "wave" of missionary work that is spreading throughout the world. I sure am excited to hear about all the mission calls that are going on back home! Congrats to all!

Also, I don't know why I have forgotten to mention this family up until now, but yesterday was the baptism of the Espino Family's daughter, Jade. We were so proud of her, and to see the difference it has made in their family. We have helped them return back to activity, and soon thereafter, we have helped them with the baptism of their daughter. She is wonderful, and the whole family is amazing. I was asked to give a talk again, about baptism this time. It went pretty well, didn't have much time to prepare a great talk, but it still went well, and her baptism was beautiful. SO many people were there! It was great to see the support and missionary efforts at the baptism. Now we will be working with her step-sister, Julissa, to be baptized. She is 11, and her story is pretty tough. Her parents are divorced, and so her dad, Hno Espino, has her on the weekends. She has been going to church with him for a while now, but her mom is super Catholic, so she has never really talked with her mom about baptism into this church. She REALLY wants to and it was hard for her to see her sister get baptized before her. The way we basically illustrate the picture is that it's like watching your sister have a Quinceanera, and you can't have one, even though you really want one, too. Not in the jealousy aspect, but just the desire to take that major step in her life. So please keep her in your prayers that her mom will understand how important this step is for her, and will allow her to make that decision for herself. She is wonderful, and reads the Book of Mormon all the time, talks all the time about how she can't wait to be in Young Women's and everything like that. A wonderful family! Love them. :)

Well, I am sure there are other things that have happened this week, but I can't quite remember them all. I hope all is well with you, I will continue to keep you in my prayers, of course! I hope you liked General Conference, and really found something out of it that applies to your life. I am so grateful for the chance we have to receive guidance from a modern day prophet. Love you all so much, and I hope all is well! Can't wait to hear back, soon, Ciao!

-Elder Gallego

"What e'er thou art, act well thy part." Sister Elaine Dalton


Hola familia!
I'm sure that last email was quite convincing and very well thought out for you! haha I thought it was clever. ;) I was going to play it off better and make it more believeable, but the way I was looking at it...I'm pretty sure you all have fallen for a joke today already and were geared up for my lame prank way ahead of time, thus foiling my plans...so I thought I'd keep it lame and move on. ;)
Now time to wish you all the "Happys." Happy April Fool's Day, Happy Easter, Happy Birthday Dad and Trevor, Happy Engagement to Matthew and Ashley, Happy Anniversary Since Joining the Church! Did I miss any? ;) I hope this week was full of happiness and joy as so many milestone events were reached! Felicitaciones a Mateo por haber encontrado tu "feliz" por eternidad. Estoy tan animado por ti y tambien me gusta que ya la sepa yo. ;) Pero, todavia ella tiene que hacer la applicacion para casarse contigo que llegara esta semana que viene en el correo, entonces presta atencion! jaja
Thank you for the Easter package, I got it today, so a little bit past Easter, but I will wear my new Easter ties in the Sundays and days to come anyways. :) Thank you, I love you so much!
This past week was AWESOME! We have been SO busy here and just loving it! I can't even keep track of it all, and I don't think I have written in my journal for the past 2 months, so I had better get on that, or I will not remember anything! :| I just LOVE it here in this area and ward, I couldn't ask for a better set up right now. We have been working really hard on gaining the trust back due to the mark left by the previous missionaries, but the ward is starting to trust us more and more, and we are having a great time having so many Noches de Hogar! :)
Easter Sunday was amazing, as usual. With Christ being the center of the Easter season, the Spirit was felt very strong. It just so happened that Easter Sunday fell on Missionary Sunday as well, SO, naturally...I spoke again. haha This is my second Missionary Sunday in a row haha but, nonetheless, it was fun. It was a pretty nice introduction into the ward. They are all so supportive, and let me tell you, it was NOT be talking. I love the power of the gift of tongues, because I got up there with little notes and spoke for a good 15 minutes non-stop haha. It cracked me up, because as I told you before I left on my mission, I want to be able to get up there and just talk. I did it! I made little notes, and relied on the Spirit to teach through me what the ward needed to hear. It was a huge testimony builder for me. I am glad I have finally conquered my "talk-reading" fears. ;) The rest of the Sunday after church, we spent time going around to the ward families that are working on building trust with and delivered Easter cookies. :) It was a blast, this ward sure is great!
In other news...kind of sad news, but at the same time, kind of funny ha...we were helping a family in our ward move the day before Easter, and I went outside on their porch to take a call, and found something quite startling...the Easter Bunny dead. :( Okay, so not the real Easter Bunny, but I did, indeed find their pet bunny outside in the blazing heat...dead. It was super awkward. I came back in to tell the family, and after I told them, they responded that the bunny is just lazy...then it got even more awkward as I had to tell them it was indeed dead. So they went outside real quick to check...and sure enough...it was dead.... So after a minor sad conversation, they asked me to dispose of the bunny... It was sad...but at the same time a little funny...just because it was so awkward! But it didn't come as a surprise to me, seeing as they left it out all day with no food or water during a hot day. I feel bad for them, but apparently the bunny was brand new, so at least they had not grown a relationship with the poor bunny...
Now back to the missionary work! The area is fantastic, the ward is amazing, and our companionship is on fire! Marvin and Giah are still doing pretty good. We talked with them about the Law of Chastity and marriage, and they say they have plans to get married. Hopefully it will be soon so that we can help them out before their baptismal date. They are great! We are continuing to work with other families, and they are doing well, too. I will give you more updates on them as soon as we see more progression with them. :)
Well, now it is time for me to go. Love you all so much, and I hope you had a great Easter. I know that Christ lives, and he loves us. He has done so much for us, all we need to do is have faith in him so that he can help us. I love this gospel. I hope all is well with you all, can't wait to hear back from you. :) Love you!
-Elder Gallego
"All Jesus asks is for us to have faith in him, because he sure had a lot of faith in us in the pre-mortal existence."


Hola familia!
Well, this week is just blending in with allthe others. Time is passing by quick, and I am losing track of the days. Elder Tueller and I have been working hard, and have already been seeing so much success through our finding efforts. We love it! We have laughed pretty much 99% of the way through these last couple weeks, and it's awesome to already have so much in common. He's a great missionary, and we teach great together, and we sure love this ward, so mission couldn't be better right now! But MAN this week was busy! So many great moments have happened this week, and there is no way to sum it all up in this email, so it'll be fun to tell all these stories when I get back. :)
For starters, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dad! Eventhough your birthday is tomorrow, I want to say it now since you won't be getting my package in time for your birthday. SORRY! But I hope you like it. :) Hope you have a great day, love you so much and I am grateful for all that you have done for me. You are an excellent example of a true loving father. Love you so much, and miss you, but you'll be in my thoughts on your special day. :) LOVE YOU!
Also, yesterday, Rebecca Solis was baptized, and so I went back to my old area and ward to see that because they invited us because Elder Facer and I were pretty much the missionaries that taught her everything, and then the Sisters took over and finished it off strong with her. The Sisters are doing great there, and they are great missionaries, too! The baptism went really well, and it was neat to see familiar faces. ;) It was funny because right as I showed up, they forgot to do the program, so they asked me to take care of it, and I had to do it super fast ha so it looks just like Samantha's but, hey, still looks decent. ;) Love that ward, love that family!
We had a neat experience Wednesday as we went to visit the grave of the daughter of our main investigators Marvin and Giah. They lost their baby at birth a year ago Wednesday, and it has been VERY hard on them. They have basically visited the grave every day for the last year, and they still really miss her. When we first found them, they really needed a message to let them know that they will see her again. Since then, they have gained a testimony of the Plan of Salvation, have accepted the baptismal invitation for the 21st of Abril, and they have come to church, love it, and really "love the peace they feel from the whole message," in their own words. We are so excited to help them progress towards baptism and we know that this message will be of great importance to them and their family. We just need to help them get married so that they can progress further! We have a lesson with them tonight with our Ward Mission Leader, Hno Monge, and he is AWESOME! So we know it will go great tonight, and will be hoping for a looking forward to a wedding for them in the future. :) Great family!
Another cool story is that we were out finding and stopped by a family to help them with their gardening ha. First time ever that someone has let us just jump in and serve them. It was so cool! Turns out, the are already pretty comfortable with the missionaries though, because the English missionaries in our area are teaching their daughter right now ha. However, the mom does not speak any English, and she was pretty impressed by the service, and we had a great conversation and were invited to come back, so we are really looking forward to that! I can see that family progressing really well. They have a grandaughter that is just the cutest little thing and loves to talk and drew us a picture of the trees we cut for them and showed us her turtle and was telling us about how her grandpa gets grumpy sometimes, and was going on and on, and it was just adorable. :) Finding through service really works!
I know this email is a little all over the place, but I am racing time right now and want to tell you about a funny story that happened this week, too! ha One of the nights earlier this week, Elder Tueller heard me say that it was time to get up haha. So he got up, took care of his morning business and returned to find me still sleeping. A little confused, he looked at the time to see that it was 2 in the morning haha. Turns out that I was sleep talking! HA! Even in my sleep I'm a prankster. ;) Love that guy!
Well, time for me to go, I hope all is well with you, I love you all so much, and I have a sure testimony of this gospel, and wouldn't have it any other way. Love you all so much, and can't wait to hear from you soon! Until then, keep on keeping on! :)
-Elder Gallego
"As I have loved you, love one another."


Hola familia!
Man! I don't even know where to start! My fingers are just about to fall off with all the typing I have done today and my eyes are about to pop out of my head with all the reading I have done and all the information I have absorbed. Thank you to all who wrote me, I apologize if I did not respond to you, yet...but I probably won't have time to, today. I'll work for it next preparation day for sure. My mission address will stay the same for my entire mission, so you know. ;) Love you all, and thank you for the support!
So the mission is going AMAZING! I love my companion, and it is so great to already know my companion, so we get past what I like to call the "awkward stage" where you basically know nothing about your companion, and you have to ask him questions and if you ask the wrong questions, you're set for a terrible transfer. So, the whole transfer basically leans on those questions asked the first week. It's like walking through a mine-field, afraid of how their going to react ha. For those of you who have gone on missions, I am pretty sure you know what I mean. ;) He's just amazing and we will be on fire in no time.
We had a bunch of moving stuff to do this past week, so we weren't able to do much of "the work," but what we did do was great! I love teaching with Elder Tueller, and I know we are going to have a great transfer (at least) together. The ward here is just fantastic, they are so strong, and REALLY loving. I'll have to give you more details on everything next week because I don't have much more time...but just know that I am doing great, this area and ward are treating me very well, I still miss the old area, but it's okay! I don't know whether it's the fact that we are both Mesa Elders (;)), or that the people here are just super ready, but even with the minimal time we have had to work, we can feel the trust with the members building fast, and we are already finding like crazy. I am SO ready to work! I LOVE IT!
I also wanted to share with you something that the First Presidency sent out to us missionaries, and I want you to see!:
"To: Mission presidents in the North America West Area
From: The Missionary Department
Dear Brethren:

The Missionary Department will run a Spanish social media initiative over Easter weekend (March 29–31). It will feature an Easter webpage with a video showing the Easter story, including a testimony from President Thomas S. Monson translated into Spanish. The initiative will be advertised extensively on Facebook.

Visitors to the page will be invited to chat with missionaries, view Bible videos about the life of the Savior, and learn more about the Savior by visiting the Jesus Christ page on mormon.org/spa. They will also be invited to share their feelings about Jesus Christ by leaving a comment on the page.

We encourage Church members and full-time missionaries to visit the Easter page (mormon.org/pascua) beginning on March 24, through Easter weekend to share their testimonies of Jesus Christ, and to invite nonmember friends and acquaintances to visit the page. Members and missionaries are also invited to visit http://facebook.com/mormon to “Like” the page and share it with their friends. Those who “Like” the mormon.org/spa Facebook page will receive daily content about the Church, our beliefs, and practices after the initiative ends.

Spanish missionaries, please use this to help all of those that you can influence.  Let's use this tool that the Brethren have given us to find more investigators and help others gain a testimony of the Restored Gospel.  President Bowen wants all Spanish missionaries to do this."
I know it is Spanish, but maybe they are doing the same thing in English. When you get the chance, please hop on Facebook (like I was permitted to do) and like it and share it with all you know, and check it out for yourself. As we near this Easter season, I love thinking about Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he has done for you and me. I know there is no way that I can repay him, but I testify that we can try our best by showing our love through the Gospel. This Church has changed my life so much, and I know that it will change the life of all those that try. Love you all so much, hope all is well!
-Elder Gallego
"I'd rather attempt to do something great and fail...than attempt to do nothing and succeed."