Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hola familia!

First off, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, ALYSSA! I hope you have a great time and have a blast celebrating, although I won't be there. :( I'm sure you'll have lots of fun anyways. I hope you like what I got you. Look out in the mail, and the rule is DON'T OPEN UNTIL YOUR BIRTHDAY! ;) Love you sis, thanks for all that you do for me, you're the best sister ever! :)

Now, as you can tell by the title of this email, it came as no surprise to us that through transfers, the Mesans have been broken up. :( Elder Tueller has been transferred to Costa Mesa (which is secretly awesome because now you can go take he and his new companion, Elder Lear, out to dinner! :)). We were super sad to say goodbye to each other, he broke my pattern of two transfers per companion, and it's even more sad that it's HIM that is breaking it. We sure wish we could have had another transfer together, Anaheim 11 is just starting to pick up! The ward was extremely upset as well. They loved us as a companionship. ;) They are upset that the missionaries in this ward get switched out so much. He was only here for two transfers, but alas, he is gone. Sad goodbye, but we will see each other again in Mesa. ;)

On the bright side, my new companion is cool! His name is Elder Parkinson from Logan, Utah. This will be my second Utah companion...wish me luck. ;) Ha, just kidding, I love all my companions, no matter how hard or stubborn they may be at times (secretly because I know that I'm stubborn and have to be right, too ha). I look forward to a great transfer, I am sure we are going to light it up here in Anaheim and pickup right where Elder Tueller and I left off. He and I are ready to work, and that we will!

This week was another really busy one as Elder Tueller and I continued to work with the ward to find creative ways to find more investigators. Our teaching now during our District Meetings and Zone Meetings is about how knocking doors is not the only way to find. In fact, it isn't the most effective either. 90% of the time, the investigators fall through and disappear and go nowhere. However, 90% of the member referrals turn into a successful life change and baptism. I know I have stressed it a million times before, but I'll say it again, MEMBERS ARE SO IMPORTANT! Please work with the missionaries in your ward, they need your help! We were flooded with referrals this week, and things have picked up so fast here all of the sudden that we still haven't been able to contact them all yet. The ward members have really picked up the pace here and are ready to step it up, and we love seeing the dedication in this amazing ward! Plus, we have a couple of wonderful missionary activities coming up to find more people! This Friday, we will be having a Ward Movie Night, giving the ward members a chance to have a creative way to invite friends to the church. We really hope for a great output, so please keep Anaheim 11 in your prayers that we will see success from this activity. Also, for the 4th of May, an English family will be having a 5 de Mayo party at an apartment complex to invite their Spanish neighbors out to meet them! How awesome is that?! That even the English ward is helping us out! :) I LOVE THIS AREA!

Right now, sadly, we had to drop our investigators because they stopped keeping commitments and progressing, but with all the finding that is going on right now, we are not worried that we will not be able to find more! We have a lot of potential coming up, so I will keep you updated on how it all goes! Woo!

Also this week, I went to my first Mormon Helping Hands event! It was awesome! So many people showed up from all over the Spanish stake to help clean and refurbish an external museum. It was really neat to see the difference the recipients of the project felt. They were so grateful and basically overwhelmed by how many people were there! It was amazing. :) LOVED IT! 

Something interesting that happened this week, was that when we went to the library to make a flyer for the Ward Movie Night, we found a kid passed out at the computer. He was completely limp and bent over his chair, and no one said anything until we got there! Not even a nurse sitting across from him did anything...it was interesting. We went and told the employees and they called the paramedics and everything. Turns out he was having a seizure and had just drank a whole bottle of Vodka in the bathroom before jumping on the computer. Before the paramedics arrived, we helped get him down to the ground and tried reviving him. He was still alive and breathing, thank goodness, and we found out he only speaks Spanish once he came to, so we had to translate a little for the paramedics before they put him in the ambulance and took him to the hospital. He said he wanted to die...it was sad. Hopefully all went well with him.

Well, time for me to go now, I have a busy P-Day ahead of me with a new companion! :) Love you all so much, can't wait to talk to you soon! :) Love you and miss you and I hope all is well with you! Los amo mucho!

-Elder Gallego

"The Lord can only teach an inquiring mind." (Thanks Sister Kelsi Johnson! ;))

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