Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hola Familia!

Whew! This week was quite the roller coaster, and I am still working on picking up all the pieces, but just know that everything is alright now. The week didn't start off great, with the fact that my migraines with auras returned Monday night, and there was a lot of confusion because I didn't have my mom here to help me out ;) but it's all good now. After a miraculous blessing, my symptoms went away immediately, and I have returned to normal. SO, the week went on! I really felt my faith tested this week, and truly agree in the words of President Uchtdorf when he said, "with Christ, darkness cannot succeed." I sure am grateful for the loving sacrifice of our dear old brother, and I am grateful to know that even in my hardest times, he is always there beside me. :) If you could all please keep me in your prayers that the doctor's visits go well and that I won't have any more difficulties, it would be greatly appreciated. :)

Due to the medical difficulties this week, out number took quite a toll, and weren't the greatest, but it seemed that sickness spread throughout our District this week. All 4 companionships were effected this week, but after what seemed like "blessings for all" we have recovered, and we are well and ready for a great week!

Highlights of the week were that the whole District worked together in the Hermana's area to help them with their struggling pool of investigators. We had a great time each taking parts of their area and knocking or visiting current investigators. Elder Tueller and I showed up where they wanted us to go, and didn't stop talking or working for a good 2 hours ha. People were coming up to us, and we were getting lots of referrals. It was super cool! Turns out, the same sort of thing was happening with the other companionships where they went, as well, so we all left their area with a lot of work and following up to keep them busy. ;) It was sure neat to see the District work as a team. Elder Tueller really is a great District Leader.

Another highlight is that we had General Conference! Woo Hoo! I was SO excited! I can't believe it has already been 6 months. Time is flying! I was able to listen to all of Saturday in English, and all of Sunday in Spanish. I was comfortable with either, surprisingly! I am so blessed to have the gift of tongues, and I really feel that I am finally becoming fluent! :D It has been a blast studying more an more language and learing all the "dichos" of the culture. I love hearing all the talks, and, of course, I was extremely excited to hear President Monson's and Elder Holland's talks. I was also impressed by Elder Nelson's "Catch the Wave" talk! It was great to see the connection he drew between all the different age groups and how their efforts can benefit the "wave" of missionary work that is spreading throughout the world. I sure am excited to hear about all the mission calls that are going on back home! Congrats to all!

Also, I don't know why I have forgotten to mention this family up until now, but yesterday was the baptism of the Espino Family's daughter, Jade. We were so proud of her, and to see the difference it has made in their family. We have helped them return back to activity, and soon thereafter, we have helped them with the baptism of their daughter. She is wonderful, and the whole family is amazing. I was asked to give a talk again, about baptism this time. It went pretty well, didn't have much time to prepare a great talk, but it still went well, and her baptism was beautiful. SO many people were there! It was great to see the support and missionary efforts at the baptism. Now we will be working with her step-sister, Julissa, to be baptized. She is 11, and her story is pretty tough. Her parents are divorced, and so her dad, Hno Espino, has her on the weekends. She has been going to church with him for a while now, but her mom is super Catholic, so she has never really talked with her mom about baptism into this church. She REALLY wants to and it was hard for her to see her sister get baptized before her. The way we basically illustrate the picture is that it's like watching your sister have a Quinceanera, and you can't have one, even though you really want one, too. Not in the jealousy aspect, but just the desire to take that major step in her life. So please keep her in your prayers that her mom will understand how important this step is for her, and will allow her to make that decision for herself. She is wonderful, and reads the Book of Mormon all the time, talks all the time about how she can't wait to be in Young Women's and everything like that. A wonderful family! Love them. :)

Well, I am sure there are other things that have happened this week, but I can't quite remember them all. I hope all is well with you, I will continue to keep you in my prayers, of course! I hope you liked General Conference, and really found something out of it that applies to your life. I am so grateful for the chance we have to receive guidance from a modern day prophet. Love you all so much, and I hope all is well! Can't wait to hear back, soon, Ciao!

-Elder Gallego

"What e'er thou art, act well thy part." Sister Elaine Dalton

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