Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hola familia!
I LOVE THE MISSION! I just wanted to start off by saying that because this week has been amazing! We are SO swamped with work to do, we have no time to go knocking. Which is good! Although knocking is a great way to find people, we are so busy with contacting member referrals and helping progressing investigators, that we haven't had the need to! I love it so much! The work of the Lord is hastening, and it is so evident right now. I sure am grateful to be a part of it.
So much has happened this week, and I really cannot even keep track of it all. I really need to get back into writing in my journal so that I don't forget it all. ;) For starters, I had another doctors appt this week, and everything went great. I am glad that I am seeing the best of the best it seems. :) The cool part about my doctors appt, though, is that Elder Collett (our housing coordinator) took me. He is SO COOL! He talked to me all about his conversion story and the genealogy work that he has done. He has SO many stories, and I loved hearing all about them! Another cool part is that he took me down PCH on the way home! I saw the beach! For the first time in 9 months I was able to see waves and sand and it was a beautiful day. I sure did take a trip down memory lane as we passed by Ruby on the Pier. It was amazing. It was a nice quick break from all the commotion. :) What was ironic was that two Mini Coopers that looked JUST like your's, Mom, drove next to us the whole way, so I was a little paranoid, but then I noticed it wasn't you. :( Sad, but at least I get to talk to you in two weeks! WOO!
Also, we have been finding new solid investigators like crazy. We finally got in contact with Gloria and she has a baptismal date! She was an investigator of Elder Tueller before I got here. They lost contact with her when Elder Tueller and I white washed the area and the North Elders took over her area. So for all last transfer they have been trying to find her! She was going to church every Sunday, was really committed to reading and praying, and then, all of the sudden they couldn't get in contact with her. Elder Tueller was pretty sad. BUT, Elder Parkinson and I stopped by this week, and, on our first try, we found her, had an EXTREMELY powerful lesson with her, and committed her to be baptized this coming month. We are so happy for her because she is a perfect example of someone really looking for the truth. SHE FOUND IT! I'll keep you updated on her! So many amazing stories to share with you this week!
We got a referral from headquarters that we have been trying to contact for the past couple weeks now, and this time when we stopped by, we did not find her, but instead we found her roommate who speaks Spanish, Perla, who is TOTALLY prepared to listen to our message. She will definitely benefit from it! So cool, because turns out, the referral doesn't even speak Spanish...puro ingles, so we had to pass her, but it was no accident that we got that referral. We would have never found Perla otherwise. I will keep you updated on her next week!
Funny story of the week is that I pulled another prank in my sleep! Hahaha Elder Parkinson hates the sound of people eating, and apparently one night when I was sleep talking I started making sounds like I was chewing on something, and it drove him insane haha I am an awesome sleep pranker! haha
Well, I have more stories to share, but I have run out of time. :( So I will mention an AWESOME one we had today, next week! Love you all so much, and I hope all is well with you! Congrats on getting the job offer, Dad, I love that the Lord answers our prayers and offerings of fasting. I love you and miss you! Cuidense!
-Elder Gallego
"The past is behind: learn from it.
 The future is ahead: prepare for it.
 The present is here: live in it!" President Thomas S. Monson

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