Monday, September 17, 2012


Hola familia!

Whew! What a busy week! It seems like this week has just FLOWN by. For starters, I'm now a Zone Leader! So last Friday, Elder Shumway was in what we call "visa mode" and couldn't get it off his mind. He was telling us all that he could feel it, that his visa he'd been waiting for was here. Later that day, he thought he heard his name called over the intercom at dinner, so they went to the Front Desk, and nothin. Then we had TRC, which is when we go and teach regular member volunteers, and it's super fun! Well, once we got back, there was a note on the board instructing Elder Shumway to go to the travel office as soon as possible before it closed. He ran. ha When he got back, sure enough, he had his travel plans and visa! On Tuesday, he was to meet with the Spain Consolate to get it signed and then take off the next morning at 8 a.m. Tuesday came around and he took off for UVU to meet the Consolate (Elder McMahon was a little annoyed that they didn't let his companion go, too ha). He returned about an hour later with some sad news. Although he was all packed and ready to go, he wasn't leaving in the morning. :( Apparently they had notified the wrong Elder Shumway! It just so happens that there was another Elder Shumway waiting on HIS visa to Spain as well! Can you believe it? He was pretty upset. But after a night of angry Elder Shumway, the next day he felt a little better and that he apparently was not supposed to leave yet, as he said. Something he shared during our Devotional Review that I was impressed to hear was when he shared his feelings that "this is God's work, not mine." He's a great guy, and he's back in the swing of things, so that's good. Unfortunate for the other Elder Shumway, he was told Tuesday that he was getting his visa signed and leaving in the morning! ha

So as far as the Zone Leader calling goes, when Elder Tengburg and Elder Watt left, Elder Shumway and Elder McMahon were called, but with the surprise of the visa, and after about two days in his called Elder Shumway was released, but now he is recalled, so we have four! The plan for when he left was that Elder Russo, Elder McMahon, and I would be a trio so Elder Russo and I were also called to be Zone Leaders! We have 8 meetings to attend every Sunday, and have to wear suits 5 out of the 7 days a week for other assignments. But we are enjoying it since we get to welcome the new missionaries this week and take them on a tour (the best part :)).

So another interesting part of becoming a Zone Leader is that you sit up on the stand during Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. I bet you're wondering how that could be interesting...let me explain. :) Brother Pickering is clearly tone deaf, and although he knows it, he doesn't care and sings as loud as he possibly can. Which as a soft spoken man is only loud enough to reach the fellow stand-sitters. I love his enthusiasm in this and would NEVER tell anyone to stop singing. However, the challenge of being a Zone Leader that has been passed down to all in our Branch is to not laugh during the songs. I had high hopes for this, and I try my hardest not to, but I PROMISE you, it is impossible for us. It's not a making fun of him laugh, but I can't explain it, I love the Brother! Apparently it has been impossible for ever Zone Leader before us, too. ha It's so embarrassing because no one else can hear it but the stand and they just think we're all dorks cracking up on the stand. :( So sad, but I'm going to keep trying to fight it on Sundays! I dread sitting on the stand now, but I still love my calling! :) (fun little story for you :))

A topic that was brought up a few times this week was the Strippling Warriors. My favorite story in the Book of Mormon! And Mom, you know what i thought of. :) The Kory Kunz song!
   "Our Mothers always taught us we should never doubt.
    If we are true and faithful we will conquer now.
    Our God will fight beside us, he will help us win.
    Our Mothers always new it, we would all come home again!"
I love this because the Strippling Warriors are such examples of faith! We were visited on Tuesday by Elder Carlson from the Quorum of the Seventy and his wife, and she told us, "no matter where you go, there will be someone who knows you, or think they know you. Don't let them down. Be the missionary your Mother has raised you to be, like the Strippling Warriors." She likened us to the Strippling Warriors and how we are all going to go out and fight our own battles in our missions. I love that because it reminds me of you, Mom, of course! You have taught me so much and I appreciate it so much. If there were anything i would change about that quote though, it would be "the missionary you PARENTS have raised to you to be." I'm so grateful for BOTH of you and all that you have done for me. Dad, I still carry that coin of Putting on the Armor of God, and I love looking at it and being reminded of things you have taught me my whole life. I love it, and I love you both. :)

I love my whole family, and I miss you all like crazy, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be, and I won't forget, I'm a Gallego! :) I'll be the missionary you have raised me to be! Oh! And I forgot to congratulate Tiffany and JR for the baptisms last week. Congrats! :) Love you!

-Elder Gallego

"This mission isn't about you, it's about being the hands of the Savior in blessing the lives of the world." Sister Allen

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