Friday, September 7, 2012


Hola Familia!

Como estan? Esta semana fue muy rapido para me. Mi Espanol esta mejorando, pero todavia necesito trabajar man! Estoy continuando a aprender mucho y estaba memorizando muchas escrituras esta semana. Yo se Droctina y Convenios 4, Santiago 1:5, Moises 1:39, la Primera Vision, y tambien nuestro proposito! La obra esta progresando y yo se que estare listo cuando esta tiempo para el campo. Me gusta mucho mi mision y estoy agradecido por la oportunidad de servir el Senor y Dios. Siento si mismo aprendiendo cada diea. Mi testimonio esta mejorando tambien con todas las veces cuando el Espiritu esta muy fuerte! Estoy muy agradecido por esta semana!

Okay, so in case you couldn't translate that without all the accents, it's kind of difficult, i know, I basically said it was a great week full of memorizing scriptures, and my Spanish and testimony are growing so much with all the times that the Spirit has been so strong. I'm so grateful for this work, and although i know i have so much more to learn, I know I'll be ready for the mission field. I'm so grateful for this Church!

Before I forget, two weeks ago i challenged you to write a letter to an investigator struggling with talking to God through prayer about repentance. If you did it, the neat experience is to change all the you's or (if you chose a name for them) their name with your name and read it as if it's a letter to yourself. For me, it was an interesting change of perspective that I thought you might find interesting as well. :)

This week was Elder Russo's Birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELDER RUSSO! He is now 19! We all wrote him a card and gave him beef jerky. ha Not that this has to do with his birthday, but our companionship has never been stronger and we're loving it! We're doing great with our new investigators! Maria loves the idea of the church, and it's support of families and has already gone through the Visitor Center of the Oakland Temple and is goig to church with us this week! We "took her on a tour of the chapel" while her kids were "at a Primary Party." And we'll be following up with her about that tomorrow and inviting her to be baptized. I LOVE those lessons, the Spirit is so strong! Our other investigator is Daniel. Daniel moved with his three sisters and mother to the United States because his Dad is an alcoholic and was very abusive to them. They live with his Aunt and cousins, who think we are of the devil along with his sisters. :( His mom is also going through cancer, and he is working as much as he possibly can at the 99 cent store cashiering. He is searching for a riligion that will bring him peace and help him out. Luckily he "ran into us on the streets," and now we're teaching him. :) It's a little rough that his family doesn't approve, but he doesn't mind them and stil wants to hear what we have to say, perfect, right? So we are doing great so far, our lessons have been going well and our Spanish is getting better, so it's so much fun! I've already had so many instances when the words are just flowing out of my mouth with the Power of the Spirit, and I swear i speak better Spanish in lessons that i do outside of them, it's so neat!

This past weekend was Fast Sunday, and not going to lie, this Fast Sunday wasn't as easy as my first one, but I lived! ha The MTC Presidency was released. President Nally as first counselor and President McIff as second counselor. President McIff was called as first counselor, and President Hacking from one of the branch presidencies was called to second counselor. And as for President Nally, he will be the new MTC Mission President as of January and will be taking over for President Brown. I love them all, but I'm sad I won't be able to hear more from the Nallys, but they'll be back for you, Chandler! ;)

Since this week was Fast Sunday, that means we not only had a Fireside planned, but also Mission Conference, which is always nice to hear! Some highlights were President Brady and his wife both spake about keeping the constant companion of the Holy Ghost. In our companionships, the Senior companion should always be the Holy Ghost. They shared with us the 3 C's of companionship:
   1. Council, don't complain
   2. Care, don't compare
   3. Christlike Attributes invite the Holy Ghost
We need to remember the question should never be "who is right," but instead "what is right." President Nally and his wife went along witht the same topic as they taught that we must follow the revelation from the Holy Ghost and "be full of patience in the process of becoming a missionary." So true! Patience has been one of my main Christlike Attributes I've been working on here at the MTC! The rest of Sunday was amazing and instaed of a fireside, we watched President Monson's 85th Birthday Celebration and it was UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING! It was full of music and the singers were crazy talented. Watch it if you can! :)

Well, I'm continuing to learn and grow here! Weeks are flying by, but that doesn't mean we aren't working hard! I love my teachers and my companions and more importantly I love the Lord and God, and the chance I'm having to serve a mission, there is no where else i would rather be. Love you all as well, and would you please keep one of the elders in my District in your prayers, Elder Erickson. He is struggling a lot with the language and learning the lessons, so I'm going to keep him in mine as well, thank you so much! Until next week, hasta luego!

-Elder Gallego

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