Monday, November 12, 2012


Hola Familia!
Ahhhhh, what a great week...ish. It was a bittersweet week. A lot of wonderful things happened, and at the same time, some unfortunate things happened. I passed up 3 months this week, already! It's going too fast, and the transfer and already almost over. So sad because this transfer, I may or may not be moving already. Halloween was great, we watched 17 Miracles with a part member family because we weren't allowed to go out proselyting... Could you imagine that?
Two missionaries ring the doorbell
"Hello, we're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!"
"Good one! Take some candy!"
People would not take us seriously, says President Bowen. But that did not stop us from having a spiritual experience! 17 Miracles is such an amazing moving, and the nonmember dad is a total history buff, so he loved the movie, and we think he felt the Spirit, but from what his family says, he doesn't express his emotions. But the rest of the family felt it very strong! It was a great night. :)
This week was SUPER busy with lessons with our investigators and lots of meetings. There are SO many changes coming to the mission. We had a big Zone Meeting and President Bowen came to it, so that's when you know it's a big deal. :) He explained that since the big announcement of the age change for missionaries, there have been enough new missionary enrollments to create 60 new missions throughout the world! That is equivalent to 6000 new missionaries! How crazy is that? He said that to combat this huge surge, since the Church does not have enough time to create 60 new missions so fast, they are going to add missionaries to all the missions in North America so that there are 250 missionaries in each mission, regardless the size. Which is crazy for the 3rd smallest mission in the world, us! So as for the Spanish section of our mission, we will be going from 42 to 60, which means 18 new missionaries the next transfer. From what I hear, that's a lot. He was talking to us about how we need to be ready for any change that is thrown our way. He used me as an example as being ready to be called to be a trainer the next day and with short notice if needed, so now everyone is convinced I am going to be a trainer. I keep telling them it was just an example and that I am still in my training program, so that probably won't happen, but they're still convinced otherwise. Bottom line is, if it does happen, I have enough faith in President Bowen to know that he received revelation from God that it is what I need. And since God knows me better than I do, I will do all I can to serve. Since this is the last week of this transfer, I will know by the end of this week! So we'll see!
So as far as the investigators go, this week will be very full of finding. Our pool decreased drastically this week as we decided a couple weren't progressing anymore and as much as we tried, we could not meet with them, and also we had an investigator drop us. It was super sad to hear from the investigator dropping us, because we had just had an extremely spiritually uplifting church tour a couple of days before. But we haven't given up on her yet, we will be visiting with her and talking to her about her feelings and how we can help. We would hate to see her give up on something that we can tell has already changed her life. We love our investigators too much to just let them go. Commitments are crucial though, so when we have an investigator that is not following through with their commitments, we know where it is headed. So please keep us in your prayers for that tonight, we hope for the best and have faith that the Holy Ghost will guide us in what needs to be said tonight. At the same time, we had a couple come to church this week, so that was great to see them following through with that commitment. :) Church really is important.
What an all around great week though! It was crazy to think that you were pretty much 15 minutes away! I hope you enjoyed the beach, and enjoyed the vacation for that parts that you were actually vacationing. ;) I thought about yelling from my apartment porch and seeing if you could hear me, but I then I thought I'd just look crazy. ;) Love you so much, love this work, and love the gospel. When you get the chance, read Alma 32. It's one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. We need to plant that seed of faith and nourish it. We can't just say we have faith and not do anything. By continuing to read our scriptures, praying, going to church, and living our lives through following the commandments of God, we nourish that seed of faith, and our testimony grows. I have experienced that myself, and I continue to feel my testimony growing every day. Love you all so much, hope all is well!
-Elder Gallego
"And now as I said concerning faith-faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true." Alma 32:21

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