Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hola Familia!
First off, WELCOME HOME MATTHEW! Oh my it's crazy that you are already home. I can't believe times have already flown so fast. I can already feel it flying by out here, all the weeks just blend together, I am already coming up on 3 months this next week! 1/8th of the way already...NO! I love it too much out here for it to fly by. :( But it's okay, the work is progressing really well out here. It's really hard for me to think about things to write about right now because I can't stop thinking about Matthew being home...makes me a little "trunky," which, I don't know if they used that term in your mission, Matthew, but means homesick! I miss you! I miss you all :( But it's okay, still focused, but send me more pictures. :)
Okay, now as for this week, where to start? It was super busy, and literally flew by so fast I can't believe it's already P-Day again...well, a day past normal P-Day, but that was because we went to the temple today, so our P-Day switched to today only because of the temple, so no it won't be Tuesdays from now on, only this week! I know it's confusing, since we were just getting used to Mondays ha.
I must appear to be a celebrater, because my companions always seem to have their birthdays with me! Well granted I've only had two real companions, but still... So Happy Birthday to Elder Andersen! He turned 20 on Saturday, and Tony and Juan (two investigators) decided to stuff us full of food last night...I'm literally about to explode! I'm so scared I'm going to blow up like a balloon here! The people have NO problem feeding us. I'm scared. I love food, but I like not gaining weight there an inbetween? haha I guess I'll find out.
So sad news...Eugene decided that he likes to be taught and assist church in English, therefore, we had to pass him along to the English missionaries. :( He is still going to be taught by another set of awesome missionaries, but he was one of my favorites! He was always so nice and made us laugh with his stories, but still carried that wonderful light of Christ. So, we will hopefully still be able to attend his baptism! He's so great, and he is still in great hands! Miss him, but we press on!
Other sad news, the Solorio family is moving on Friday. Apparently they have been planning it for a while, and he finally found a job, so they are moving super soon! So we will be helping them move, and unfortunately, Jose Solorio the son will not be able to be baptized here on the 4th as planned. BUT, we will be contacting the missionaries there to continue to teach the family because they continue to progress, but they will soon be out of our hands as well. :( They are so great! All our investigators are disappearing! But with some leaving, we also replenished our teaching pool this week! :)
With Melissa and Rosa, they are still continuing to progress very well, but we are having difficulties getting them to church, because they work late Saturday nights, so 9am Sunday mornings is hard for them, but we are really hoping and praying for this next week, they said "no excuses, we're coming!" So please keep them in your prayers, we told them we know the Lord will provide a way if they exercise their faith in him! :)
We visited a couple inactive members this week, one of them came back to church on Sunday (hooray!) and the other one, Henry, couldn't come because it started to rain and his neighbor across the street's roof was being worked on, and they hadn't covered it with a tarp or anything because they were not expecting it to rain, so he helped them. Which, servicio is good, at least he wasn't just skipping church. But he said he is coming next week and wants us to help him with what he needs to do to receive the gift of the priesthood! So that's super exciting, but we told him the first step is coming back to church, so he's committed himself to coming next week. We're so excited for him and his desire to receive the wonderful gift of the priesthood. Also, Henry's friend, Luis, was there one day we went to visit him, we weren't planned for that, but we ended up teaching the first lesson, and he committed to baptism! It was funny because at first when we asked him, he asked it we could do it next Thursday ha. He has a burning desire to know the truth, and we can tell he is going to progress super fast, he just quit drinking a few months ago. Went cold turkey because he decided he didn't like what it turned him into. Crazy! The problem is that he only works Saturday and Sunday during the week and lives out of his car, so he really needs the money. We asked him to talk to his boss about not working Sundays and maybe working another day and he said he would, so hopefully that works out!
Just down the street from Henry lives Erika. Erika was a referral to us from her sister who is a member. Erika is having difficulties with her pregnancy, so her sister asked us to offer a priesthood blessing. We have been trying to stop by her house for the past three weeks and she finally was there this week, so we gave her a blessing and have a return appointment to teach her tomorrow, she really felt the Spirit during that blessing, and so did her roommate, so they are really excited to hear from us.
Well, those are the big stories from this week, I wish I had time to share everything! With door knocking this week, we found some more potential investigators, but we need to stop by again and teach them a lesson to know if they are the "truth seekers" that really want to hear what we have to say. I sure love it out here! I miss you all so much, I'm so sad that I can't be there to welcome you home, Matthew, but you know I love you and this is where I need to be, I can feel the blessings from my mission. It's changing me. I love it so much! My testimony has grown so much. Love you so much, miss you so much, FUEGO!
-Elder Gallego
"If you only have one convert on your mission, it better be you." Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

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