Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hola familia! 

I'm seriously freaked out by how fast the weeks are flying by. Granted, this week was one day shorter from preparation day to preparation day, but still! I sure love it out here, and I love my ward. :) The ward is so great and are really doing a great job stepping it up and helping us out with the missionary work. Members are so important! It's great to hear that you went out with Matthew and the missionaries, Mom, I'm sure you did just fine and it went great. :) I'm sure they greatly appreciate your guys' help.

This week was a great week! Lots of finding and lots of success. We have been going through our area book and visiting all the old investigators and the people that previous missionaries have said are potentials. It's proved successful! We found a couple new FAMILIES (finally) and have been working a lot with the part-member families in our ward. This past week was full of work! We are also still working on reaching out to the less actives, and we sure love seeing that their faith is still there. That's what we find most of the time. Less active members still have a very strong testimony and faith in the gospel, just other things happened that drove them away from the church. But, just like we read in the title page of the Book of Mormon. If we find any faults in this church, it's not the church, it's the members. This message is so true. All we need to do is focus on the message. :)

We are also working with a less active family, the Cedillos, who want their daughter, who is 8, to be baptized, and they are such a great family! We are teaching Samantha, and she has a brother who has 4 or 5 years. He is so adorable! He talks SO much, and is always wanting to show us his angry birds games and his other games on his iPad. It's really cute because most of the time, Elder Facer and I switch off conversing with him and teaching the lesson to Samantha at the same time. It's a total multi-tasking house. :) She is doing a great job learning, and preparing herself to be baptized. Love that family. :)

We pretty much started from scratch this week and now we have a full pool of investigators! It's wonderful how the Lord provides a way for us to teach his gospel to those who are waiting to hear the truth. We found the Moreno family this week through the area book, and they are perfect examples of people searching for the truth. The elect. They have been taught by missionaries before, but they are really looking for the strong feeling in their hearts that the church they attend is true. They came once a while ago, and weren't impressed by sacrament meeting, so they left. We're working with them to give it another try, and they said they would love to because they can already tell that this time will be different. They said the other missionaries were always so cold and didn't make them feel comfortable, but by the end of our lesson we were laughing and have already learned so much about them. But there is no doubt that the other missionaries still planted a seed. We sure hope we can help in the cultivation of that seed. As long as they do what we teach them, they will find the truth. :)

The work is true. Without a doubt, I know it. I know we can receive an answer to our prayers about anything in our lives. We just need to search the scriptures and pray. We need to show our effort in searching, and then through the trial of our faith, we will know. Then once we receive our answer, we need to be willing to change what we need to in order to subject to the loving will of the Father. I sure love it out here and I am thankful everyday for the difference that missionary work has made in my life and the life of my family. It is weren't for missionaries, I would not be here. :) I look forward to the final week of this transfer. It's already over! :O Not in a good way. I sure hope Elder Facer and I have another transfer together in this area. The ward has really warmed up to us. :) This 7 week transfer has flown by! Regardless of what happens, we are going to finish off strong! I hit my 6 month mark on Friday. SIX MONTHS! Already! O_O...time has flown by, and I can't wait to burn a tie as part of missionary tradition. ;) I have the perfect left over ugly tie from the MTC ha. Love you all so much, I pray for you every day, and I hope all is well!

-Elder Gallego

"Faith is not so much something that we believe; faith is something we live." Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

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