Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hola familia!
Just a heads up, this may be a pretty boring I apologize, but not too much crazy stuff happened this week. We spent a LOT of time knocking and searching for new investigators. Door after door after door! It's been pretty fun! I like door knocking because it is like constant never know what is going to happen to you at the door. You don't have time to plan a lesson that tailors to their needs. It's all based off of scriptures you've studied, practices you've done, methods you've used, etc. Ultimately, for the first time in my mission, a door was slammed in my face! ha My companion was so confused when I told him that. I guess I have just been lucky enough to knock on nice people's doors. It's interesting, but the results have been pretty decent. We look forward to seeing how they turn out this next week.
Other than a lot of knocking, not too much happened this week. I mean, I constantly have a blast and all, but all the days are blending together so much now! I am losing track of what happens in what week... Some disappointing moments, but nothing too devastating. I have learned to keep a positive attitude and bounce back faster so that I can keep going and although I still try to help those who deny us, I can keep going to find more people.
I love you and miss you all very much, and I hope that all is well with you! Welcome back to Cali, I hope you enjoy your vacation together! :) Talk to you next week, be safe!
-Elder Gallego
"Worry ends when faith begins."

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