Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hola familia!

This week was a blur. So much but so little happened this week. It
went by so fast, but it went by so slow. After all that
happened/didn't happen this week, I can barely remember what
did/didn't happen. Ha Weirdest backwards week, but it was a great
week. Don't worry, no drinking was involved, just a scattered
20-month-old missionary brain. Ha

We had a couple meetings this week and had a few lessons with other
investigators, but, as of right now, not too much success aside from
the Chavez. They just do not seem interested in changing right now, so
please keep us in your prayers that we will be able to find more truth
seekers! Our main focus this week was Claudia, of course.

After the miraculous moment last week, we had a lot to do this week.
On top of a surprise baptism, we also had our ward activity to plan
and take care of along with exchanges and zone meeting. So in that
sense, it was a busy week, but it all just fell into place, so it
didn't end up being as stressful and crazy as we had anticipated.

We were a little worried when Claudia told us Monday night that she
wasn't sure if the 9th was really revelation for her, but rather that
she would prefer to wait another week. We know how hard it is to wait
2 weeks after someone receives such a direct and straightforward
answer - not that we didn't want her to feel comfortable about it, we
just know how nerve-racking it is to wait - so we invited her to pray
about it. That night, she prayed until 1 in the morning and the
following day, at our final lesson with her, she explained that she
received another answer and that she knew she needed to be baptized
the 9th, so all the planning continued. She was so ready and the
Spirit was already so strong with her - it's amazing. The Holy Ghost
is so powerful.

As we continued the planning for the baptism, we also pulled off a
ward Culture Night. We were a little worried because everyone started
to cancel right before, but it actually all came together well. We had
different members prepare presentations from the different countries
they are from and they each set up tables around the CULTURAL Center
in the church. Ironic? Nope! We have Mexicans, Peruvians, Hondurans
(at heart - Hno Badillo served his mission there), Nicaraguans,
Salvadorians, Guatemalans, Colombians, and Americans (we attempted to
represent ha). The point was to show that although we are all from
different cultures, we are all children of God and share a core belief
- our faith in the Gospel. It was a great opportunity for members to
show pride in their culture, and the food was delicious! It turned out
really well! I'll send pics!

The following day was the baptism and it went amazing, as well. It was
definitely the most powerful and smoothest baptism I've been to. It
was great. I was so impressed and it's remarkable to see how far this
ward has come. It was a very touching experience as Hno Chavez was
able to baptize his daughter that he thought would never accept the
gospel just a few weeks after baptizing his wife. Also, Hno Sanchez
baptized his 8-year-old son. The baptismal talks and testimonies ended
up being centered around how special it was that they were both able
to baptize their children. Very special moment. We sent Claudia little
spiritual moments throughout the week and she is already doing great.
We have already seen a huge change in her. This week will definitely
be a week I will never forget.

These last few weeks have strengthened my testimony so much. I am so
grateful for the chance I have to be an eternal family. I love the
primary song that reminds us of the power of this gospel. Families Can
Be Together Forever. I understand this song so differently now. It
doesn't say Families Are Together Forever, I feel, for a reason. We
CAN be together forever, but we have to get there ourselves. As I have
watched part-member families be united recently and enter that path to
being sealed as an eternal family, I have come to love the importance
of this message. That we can be together forever. If we really apply
the teachings of the gospel, God has made it possible to be with our
loved ones for eternity. I love this gospel, and I know it can change
lives. I have seen it so many times out here, and I am so grateful for

I love you all so much and I appreciate all the love and support I
receive from you! Miss you and hope you all are doing well, and I pray
that we all take advantage of this amazing blessing we have to be
together forever and they we indeed accept it so we can be happy
forever. Love you all, have a great week!

-Elder Gallego

"We aren't supposed to make time for children, children are what God
gave us time for."

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