Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hola familia!

So this week was another one of those weird weeks where everything
just kind of got thrown together.

To start out the week, Tuesday night, a girl ran out in front of us
driving and we hit her in our car. That was tragic experience.
Luckily, I was already covering the brakes because there was also a
truck coming towards us on a narrow street. She jetted out into the
street behind a big car, I slammed on the brakes and she spun around
really quick. She ran into the front right corner of the van and she
went spinning to the ground. We still hit her pretty hard, but luckily
she wasn't injured. She hopped back up, ran to the other side of the
street (chasing a ball, of course) and pretended like nothing
happened. Shaking from what JUST happened, we walked over to her and
she and her friends acted like it wasn't even a big deal. We're were
just like..." just got hit by a car!!!" It was weird
how calm everyone was. We're thinking that maybe it happens often with
her? It was clearly her fault, but we still needed to talk to her
mother about it in case anything popped up. When we got to her house
and explained the situation, her mother basically just chastised her
in front us and grounded her. She was lucky to just walk away from it
with a red mark on her leg.

Looking back on the experience we can tell that we are being watched
out over. If she had ran out into the street even one second earlier
or if we were there one second later, she would have gone under the
car and been killed because there was no way we would have been been
able to stop in time. It all happened so fast, and I surprised myself
at how fast I reacted to the experience. I know that we are protected.
Thank goodness everything is alright. We left our number, and thought
maybe to share a message, but the circumstances just didn't seem to
permit it ha. We were all shaken up for the rest of the day for sure,
but it's all good, thank goodness!

This week was spent being rejected and all of our appts falling
through once again, but we keep going! Elder Silvester is awesome and
we are both patient in knowing that as long as we are doing what we
are supposed to, we will be led to those truth seekers - or even they
will be led to us! Like what happened yesterday. :)

Sacrament was about to start, and out of nowhere, this guy, Freddie
Magallon, shows up and asks if it's the right ward for him. Apparently
he has just moved into our area, and he was investigating The Church
in Oceanside, CA. He and his wife and 3 daughters really liked The
Church and he went out to look for it. He is perfectly bilingual, but
his wife prefers Spanish, so we are going to be sure to hold onto him.
:) We don't understand how he isn't already a member. He was SO
involved in all the classes and acted just like a member. He was
introducing himself to everyone, chatting with everyone, and was just
all around amazing. We were shocked. We know that God sent him to our
ward that day to lift our spirits. We're excited to work with him...

Well...Elder Silvester is.....because......after more than a Well, technically, I left. Yes,
after over a year in my new home of Anaheim 11, the reign of Elder
Gallego has ended. Thursday night I received a call that I was
released as District Leader and Trainer, and I have been called to be
a Zone Leader. And get this! I am going back to Santa Ana! I am not
technically back in Santa Ana 5 where I began my mission a year and a
half ago, but the ward is in my zone. So I will be going on exchanges
there. With Elder Richards! He can't seem to get away from me. Haha
I'm so excited to be back. It feels good. :)

I'm very sad that I have had to leave Anaheim, but I know my time is
up. It has been an amazing year and I have learned so much and grown
so much. I cannot wait to go back and visit my home, but I know that I
will love it here, too. Just have to keep my spirits up. The tears
have been was a really hard goodbye to everyone...but just
as one of the members wrote in my journal I have them all sign, it's
not a "goodbye", just a "see you later". It is weird to be in a new
area and starting over again, but I know it is what The Lord wants me
to do in my mission, and it is such a blessing to be a part of it
wherever I am. And my new companion, Elder Curtis is awesome! We are
going to have so much fun. I will miss my son, but we will be reunited

So, Anaheim, you've treated me well...I'll be back. I love you all
back home as well. I have more than one home! Mesa, Santa Ana 5,
Anaheim, and soon to be __________. Not this time. ;) I love you all
and I hope you are well! Hope to hear back soon. Now I just have one
big thorn in my side...I've been lucky in my mission not having to
pack, because it only leads to two very uncomfortable things for me.
Tears and wrinkled shirts...

-Elder Gallego

"If you don't fit in, then you're probably doing the right thing." Unknown

P.S. All the pics from the week are on my camera, but I'll be putting
them on Facebook soon, so keep an eye's a quick pick of my
new companion and I!

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