Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hola Familia!

Well, this is going to be a way shorter email than usual. Things have already been super busy here, especially today, but I'm enjoying it and I know I have been called here to work hard, so I'm doing it! :) I absolutely love it here so far, and I know I will continue to, the people are wonderful, and I have met so many new people already. However, with General Conference this past weekend, I wasn't able to meet the whole ward yet! Next week :) I am is what they call "little Mexico City" and I am loving it! Spanish is everywhere I go, and everyone keeps saying that I fit right in because my Spanish works for me. :)

My new companion's name is Elder Andersen from Missouri! He is extremely nice and pretty easy going. We can definitely already see room for improvment, but that is as can be expected. We have a lot in common at the same time, though, so that is nice. He is ready to work hard, and so am I, and he knows we are going to have great success in this area. I wouldn't know what that's like, so I just take his word for it, and go with the flow. :) Apparently, there have been a lot of missionaries that have come to the mission lately that are what they call "already prepared," and apparently I'm one of them! ha Thank you MTC maestros! So we have already hit the ground running!

Quick little story from this week, as we went to go visit one of the investigators with a baptismal date, Jose, his dad had just returned from a trip to visit family in Utah. As we were waiting for Jose Junior, his dad, Brother Jose, as we call him to distinguish the difference, talked to us. Well, just before we went into the lesson, I felt the prompting to invite his dad into it as well, at first he turned me down, but ended up coming in anyways! Well, that lesson did not go as planned haha His dad ended up asking a TON of questions and we did the best we could to answer them in our broken Spanish and ultimately invited him to start reading the Book of Mormon to answer his questions and pray about it. And he committed to it! He is an example of what Elder Andersen calls a "truth seeker." He is not just there to listen, he really wants to know! Andddd, not only did he read and pray, and continues to read and pray, but he came to General Conference, too! He took notes and everything, and we have another lesson with him tonight, it's amazing how fast he is progressing and keeping commitments with us. I can already see the Lord's hand in being here. Through Faith in Jesus Christ all things are possible. We asked for the blessing of finding more that would like to hear of this wonderful work, and we found Brother Jose the NEXT day. How amazing! So please keep both Jose's and us Elders in your prayers, tonight we have a wonderful lesson planned for him, and we are praying all continues to go well! Love you all, thank you for the love and support you show me! I love this work and I love this Gospel. It's true, without a doubt. I know it, and we can all know if through the Book of Mormon and praying with faith. Love you!

-Elder Gallego

"It's not a race, it's a journey...enjoy the moment." President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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