Monday, March 4, 2013


Hola familia!
Wow! This was a BUSY week, but I like keeping busy. :) We moved again this week for the 2nd time in the past month, but there are lots of changes going on in the mission to make room for the amount of missionaries coming in this next transfer...32! That's crazy! They're going to have to all meet at the mission office for their introduction, unfortunately, because that many people can't fit in the mission home. ;) They will still be treated well like we were though. :) Most of them are Sister missionaries, so I don't think this transfer will be a training transfer for me either, but we will see next Thursday when we receive leadership calls. I would love to train someday, but for now, I'm comfortable with whatever. :) I will help in whatever way I can!
This week was also busy because we were teaching a ton! As I told you last week, our specialty seems to be teaching young girls (8,9,10) in a non-creepy way, of course. But they are all so great and have really already been prepared for our lessons. We know that in no time, they will be prepared for their baptisms. This week is the baptism of little Miss Samantha Cedillo and she has asked me to baptize her, so I'm, of course, excited and honored to be involved in her baptism. :) She is a great example to us and her family, and I can see her staying strong in the church. Next week, we have the baptism of Azul Ramos, and she is just amazing in the fact that she is practically teaching US in all the lessons! She already is so smart and knows so much. She loves to read, so she is doing a great job keeping up with her study of the Book of Mormon, and she really loves this church. Another great example for us and her family. Her Spirit is so strong! The week after next, we have the baptism of Rebecca Villalobos. She is part of the family that I told you the Assistants talked with when they were cleaning the Bristol building a couple of weeks ago. They are a solid family, and they really want to make the changes necessary in their lives to return to activity and straighten out their lives. We are working on getting her Dad to come back to church right now, but she and her mom have not missed a Sunday since we started teaching them. She is very involved as well, and is such a nice girl! We have such great investigators right now! I'm so happy to see these seeds blooming in the area right now. Our goal as a mission is to have one baptism per companionship per month, and we didn't have any in January or February, but with the 3 coming up in the next couple of weeks, we will be back on track. :) I love this area!
Other than all that teaching, we have continued to increase our finding efforts and really search out opportunity to receive referrals from the Ward Members. Ward Members are SO important! I can't say it enough. A prophesy is happening right now. Just as the Lord warned us in the scriptures. He said he would hasten his work. Look at the missionary work right now. By June, the number of missionaries in the field is said to reach 100,000 from 56,000. That's almost double! Without a doubt, I know that President Thomas S. Monson is called of God, and that announcement he made almost 5 months ago is of divine revelation. We need the help of the members to find those people who are waiting for the church to enter their lives. Although there are going to be a LOT more missionaries in the world, we are still outnumbered by the people who do not know of the importance of this message. But, combined with the members, we can be an unstoppable team. :) I know this work is true, and I know it can change the life of anyone who choses to accept it. I sure love it out here, I can't say it enough. I love you all so much, and I ask that you would please help the missionaries in your wards. Although it may be uncomfortable at times to talk to your friends, we need to put aside our doubts and trust in the Lord. He will provide a way for our tongues to be loosened so that "every tongue will proclaim the truth." We need your help, but more importantly, the Lord needs your help. I hope all is well, and I will talk you to all next week! Love you!
-Elder Gallego
"Forget yourself, and go to work."

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