Monday, March 11, 2013


Hola familia!
This week was a BUSY week! We're really making sure that we finish off this transfer strong in this area. We feel like one of us is going to be transferred in this coming week, due to the fact that we have already spent two transfers together. :( I really hope that we stay together in this area. I love it SO much! I really don't want to leave, but at the same time, I know that wherever I go, I will be blessed through my efforts...I'll stay strong wherever! :) This ward is just so great and we are finally seeing those seeds that I have been telling you about, sprout. I'm so excited and honored to be a part of it all. :)
The baptism of Samantha got moved to this coming Sunday, because some things fell through in the ward and in the family, so it is just going to work better, which means that Azul and Samantha will be baptized on the same day...making this Sunday even busier! We can't wait, it's going to be one special day! So happy for the changes that I know it will make in their lives. They are both progressing very well, along with Rebecca, and we look forward to the baptisms this week of these little angels and Rebecca's is to come next week! Entonces seguimos trabajando!
Quick little humor blurp. Elder Fuentes and I had exchanges together this week, and with his accent, he has a hard time saying "chart." SO the rare times that he uses that word, we spend a good time laughing because he says "shart." haha He's awesome. :)
This week has also been a week SOLID with service! We had a great District Meeting about how we can find more referrals and opportunities to teach through service to our ward members. We have really seen the fruits of that, and I know it is true. We have been working on a lot of reconstruction in the Lopez family to help them out since they don't have the most man power in their home since the Dad got part of his leg removed about a hear ago. So they have been really appreciative of that, and it's fun to use all the things you have taught me, Mom and Dad, to help them out! :) It's funny because I didn't realize I knew so much about housing stuff just from watching you both do it and helping you as I was growing up, so it's been fun feeling like handymen. It pays off! :) I LOVE THE LOPEZ FAMILY! They do so much for us, and it really feels like home in their house because they have been so unbelievably hospitable to us. We basically have 3 new mission mothers taking care of us out here ha. Love them. :)
In other news...sad news. Remember Minh? The one I told you about a little while back that was the first convert baptism I was involved in out here? His mom got hit by a car last night on her way walking into the trailer complex where she and the Manzano family lives and was killed. She has basically been his life for the past 5 years as he has been taking care of her after he found out after 20 years that she was alive. Although she was really old and going through some physical pain, it's going to be hard on him. He was been a wonderful son to her, and it is super sad to hear that. Hermana Manzano called us just moments after it happened and we did all we could to help him out before we had to be home. It is going to be really rough for him, but we are so glad that he found the church before this happened so that he can feel that he is not alone through this. The bishop responded right away, and the ward has already done an amazing job in the efforts of reaching out to help him. He has been through a lot, and I hope he doesn't let this cripple him, so please keep him in your prayers, as I am. He could use them. Thank you.
This week has been a great week, and we look forward to finishing strong in the final week of this transfer already! We have 32 new missionaries coming in this next week, and we're ready. :) Love you all so much, and OH! Forgot to tell you, but we found out a little more information on how our mission is going to be affected by the new California Irvine Mission...we are losing the Irvine and Newport Beach stakes, which means, unless I get moved to that mission, I will lose my chance to serve in my other "home" of Newport Beach. :( But's it's all good. "I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord. " :) Love you all so much, hope you are all doing great, congratulations to all going on missions, engaged, and married! Sounds like a lot is going on back home, it's good to hear all is well. :) Stay strong!
-Elder Gallego
"Never slow down. Never look back. Never give up." Elder Bunker, my District Leader :)

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