Monday, September 16, 2013


Hola familia!
I. Am. Exhausted! I love it! We have been working like crazy and our area is on fire right now. We are meeting families like crazy and the members are helping us and everything! It is so great to see this area pick up and I really enjoy working with Elder Thorne! We are not only working hard, but having a great time doing it, too. I love being the district leader of such a great district! Our whole district is seeing so much success right now.
We really focused this week in district meeting on finding when we teach and teaching when we find. I taught them about a couple methods I learned towards the beginning of my mission that I felt would realy help us to continue to find those people waiting for this message. The first one is called 5 alive! The method is that we knock 5 doors or contact 5 people around a dropped appt to be sure that we are constantly finding-even when we have people to teach. The second one is called 3 strikes you're out! This method applies to knowing when to move on after we find potential investigators. If 3 appts fall through in a row, we know it is time to move on to finding more people-but we make sure to do 5 alive around them to be sure the Lord didn't lead us there for someone else. Seeds are planted,but it is not always their time, so we just keep working on it all! :) We feel that it will help us keep our areas going and help us know who to talk to! We're so busy!
For the first time in 4 months, a few of our investigators came to church! :)))) I was SO excited to watch this family of 7 (plus a boyfriend) pile into one of the recent converts' car and take off to Stake Conference. It was a great feeling because not only is it such a big family, but they are committed to getting baptized the 29th, and they are already so receptive and realize the importance of this in their lives. It is so great! Their name is the Morales family and they have been investigators for a bit in this district. They were progressing really well with the west sisters in our area, but they moved to Arizona, so their baptism fell through...then they came back, but moved again to LA, so their baptism fell through again...SO this time they are moving again, but we are not going to let it get in the way. We promised them that if they follow through with their baptism, that God will provide for them and everything will work out. Please keep them in your prayers!
We also found Ana Gomez again, from a while ago, and she is doing not too well physically, but she still wants the missionaries to stop by and asked that we please not stop calling or stopping by. She is so willing and ready, but we have to pass her to English because her husband unfortunately wants nothing to do with us. So please continue to keep her in your prayers that all works out!
I wish I could tell you about all the families we are finding right now, but unfortunately time doesn't permit, like always, but I wanted to share a quick funny moment and pictures from this week! ha After doing laundry last P-Day, Elder Thorne randomly found an "I <3 Niall" sock in his laundry, which gave us a little laugh, but what really made me laugh was when we come back to our apt and as I am ironing a pair of my pants, he comes to me and shows me another sock he found in this laundry. haha He faces are just way too hilarious, and he was so confused at how a couple of girls' socks ended up in his laundry. It may not sound that funny, but you should have been there. ;) He's so funny!
Well, other than all the work and heat, we have just been plugging along! I sure do love my mission and really enjoy working with such amazing missionaries. I love you all so much and love to hear from you! Sorry if I don't respond back quickly, but I promise it's not because I hate you or don't want to write's that I have never been so busy on my mission, so although it may take a while to respond, I still love hearing from you. :) Love you tons and can't wait to hear form you! Take care!
-Elder Gallego
"Choose ye this day whom ye will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." This was the first quote Elder Dehlin could think of. He's sitting next to me right now ha He's hilarious, too. Love my district!
P.S. Check out the 50-point parking job. It was ridiculous! ha

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