Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hola familia!
....Can you guess how I am going to start my email?....You got it! THIS WEEK WAS SO BUSY! haha...As I have said many times recently, these weeks are just blending together and going too fast. We are working so hard here, and because we are so busy, the time is flying! It is so true that time flies when you are having fun! We had a blast this week as we continued to go out and contact people in need of this resored gospel.
Our main focus this week was/is contacting and finding through former investigators. We haven't had too much success with that yet, but we haven't had much of a chance to really put it into effect just yet, so we are looking forward to the success stories that should be coming from that. I love this area so much and HOPE that I don't get transferred this next transfer. We are seeing so many people take the steps to conversion, and I would hate to leave halfway through it. :( This week during weekly planning, we wrote out a list of families that we are teaching, because there was a temple tour again, and we wanted them to be able to go and see it, and we realized that we are teaching 17 FAMILIES right now! It's incredible how much the Lord's work is hastening right now here in Anaheim. The whole district is on fire and we are all enjoying so much the happiness that comes from being truly converted to the work of the Lord. We make such an attempt to teach families because this gospel is so important for the family and brings so many blessings! I love finding families and getting to know them and watching them progress together! There is no greater feeling than watching a whole family's life turn around through this wonderful message. I am so grateful that my family was blessed by this message and that now we are a family that can be together for eternity! God sure loves each and every one of us for giving us that opportunity.
The familiy we are focusing a lot with right now is the Morales family. The same ones I told you about last week! They are doing so well! They are reading, praying, going to church, and even came to a temple tour this week! It is so great to watch them take these steps together. Their baptism will be this Sunday, so please keep them in your prayers that all continues to go through and they follow through with the plans and goals they have set. They are a little nervous-as usual-but, we know they are ready, and they really need the blesssings that come from being in the Lord's true church. I am so happy for them and the mother, Nohemi, has asked me to baptize her. I feel honored. :) Sandra, one of the daughters, asked that Elder Parkinson baptize her, so we will end up together in white again haha and then Francisco, the son, has asked that Hno Timoteo Sanchez baptism him...Kevin's dad! So it is going to be great! We are really looking forward to it, they have been working on it for quite some time now. I am so happy for them!
The temple trip went really well for everyone. The west sisters also had a part-member family come, and because they were late, we stayed behind so I could help out give the tour to them because the main tour had already finished. Luckily, I have given the tour before and knew what to do. That was forever ago! It was a lot of fun doing it again, though! The family they are helping is so ready to be baptized! They go to church and everything as well. It was such a great experience, because the couple are working on getting married, but the husband has to finalize his divorce in Guatemala before they can get married here, and he is doing all he can to get it figured out so that his wife can get baptized and then they can get married. It was so perfect, and I know that it was no coincidence that they came late, because RIGHT as we got to the front of the temple as part of the stops, a newly-sealed family of 6 walked out of the temple all dressed in right and just beaming with happiness. It was SO perfect and the feeling was so strong. It was perfect for this investigating family. I was so glad to be a part of that!
In all, this week was amazing. Very busy, as usual, and again, I am sorry that I am terrible at responding to letters right now, but this leadership position sure is demanding! And I love it. :) I have never been so busy in my mission, and for that reason, I have never been so happy. I hope all is well with each of you and I love you all so much! Please be safe and careful in all your traveling, Mom and Dad, and don't forget to send pics! :) Love you and miss you all so much, and take care!
-Elder Gallego

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