Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hola familia!
Holy wow, this week was amazing! :) Not only was I able to see you and talk to you all, but we were nice and busy working on the final preparations for Gloria's and Kevin's baptism. They are both so prepared, and we were so happy to hear that Gloria has completely given up her coffee and says she will never be going back, just like that! She came to church with her less-active brother in law and loved it as usual. She even signed up for dinner on our calendar and we had dinner with her and finished sharing the message of the Plan of Salvation with a member with us. It was wonderful, she already acts like a member. :) I am so happy to see the change the message is making in the lives of those we are teaching.
One special moment that happened this week (which I already told you about over Skype, but I want to share it again) came as we finally got a chance to do some door knocking after a solid three weeks of pure contacting of referrals and set lessons. It was BLAZING hot (just like today) and we weren't really in the mood to knock doors because of the heat, but we bucked it up and set out to tear it up anyways. :) The first door we knocked on, no one answered, but on the second door, Lorena answered. Lorena is awesome. She is so prepared! At first she was very stand offish, and wouldn't accept anything that we were saying because she is tired of people shoving their opinions about religion down her throat, but as we explained to her that we aren't here to convince people of anything, but to help them find the answer from God, she really started to open up. Seriously, everything she said was what you can find in the church, whether it was about her family being happy, to moral standards, to safety, it all just fit; and she just wants a church that makes her feel spiritually full, that isn't a bunch of chanting and shouting, and that even has a book that is easier to understand than the Bible, but that is still inspired of God (perfect, right?;)) etc. She wants to know which church is true. After asking her if she believes that Heavenly Father can answer that question, and assuring her that we are there to help her communication with God, she totally opened up, accepted a Book of Mormon, and wants to go to church and hear more. We're super excited to go back to teach her this week!
One of the many funny little moments that kind of caught me off guard and made me laugh this week was last night when we visited Gloria and Hno Olivares was talking to us about accents, and told me I have a Spanish accent...as in I speak like a someone from Spain. HAHA! It's really in my blood! YAY, Gallego! I don't really understand how, but hey, I'll take any accent, seeing as he told my companion that he has a gringo accent. ;) Spanish Blood.
The miracles continue out here, and I can't even keep track of them all. As the whole District went on a hike together today to the peak of the nearby mountain (still in our huge area ha), we contemplated the blessings we have felt so far being out here. It was amazing to let loose a little and rejuvenate. We felt great, because we had the amazing opportunity to talk with our families yesterday; which, surprisingly enough, do the opposite of making you homesick, it is just enough to boost you and make you want to do even better! It's perfect, and not only were we (pretending we) were on top of the world on our hike to the peak of the mountain, but we felt it metaphorically too with all the success that God has given us lately. I sure love this area and ward, and I look forward to more time here with this amazing District.
I loved talking with you yesteday familia, and I love you so much, but I hope all is well with you and I look forward to continuing to hear from you. Please keep Gloria and Kevin in your prayers that all continues to go well this week as they prepare for their baptisms on Sunday. Love you all so much, stay safe!
-Elder Gallego
"To get what you've never had, you must do what you've never done."

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