Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hola familia!
Well for starters, Happy Father's Day, Dad! I hope you had a great one. I will be sending your package soon...once I send Mom's. ;) haha I love you and am so grateful for the father you have been to me. I sure love you and have admired your example to me of a strong member of the Church and loving figure that I can always look up to. I miss that time spent with you on that special day, but in a couple years, I'll be there! :) Thank you for all you do for us, you are one AMAZING father. :) Happy Father's Day to all other fathers I know! Hope you enjoyed your's as well. :)
A couple quick little tidbits! #1- I found out this week, that Sister Allison Melchin is serving in the home ward of my current Zone Leader and grandfather (trainer of my trainer), Elder Arjona, in Spain! What a small world! It's crazy how connections can be made. :) #2- I got another hair cut, and my haircutter did it a little bit differently this time to change it up a little bit. Thought I'd show you a pic for fun. She went for more of the combover look ha, I'm now a true missionary! :)
This week was another pretty basic week. Nothing too out there, again. We kept working and looking for people to teach, but they are hiding from us! ha We just keep contacting and contacting, though!
One neat experience from our finding efforts this week was a referral we received from an English member for her neighbors. Well, technically, she gave us like 3 or 4 referrals this week, but the whole experience is as a whole. :) On Tuesday, we spent sometime contacting these referrals, and although our previous efforts resulted in not finding them, we finally taught them! These neighbors have been SO prepared with such an amazing example their neighbors have been for them. Both sides couldn't stop talking to us about how they want a happy family like their neighbor's, and how they are always so nice and wonderful. It was great. :) We have a couple return appts with them, and we are sure they will progress very well. Remember that people are always watching you when you may not think they are! Always be an example of the believers. :) 
The weeks are flying by now, and we keep working towards finding those people that are prepared to to accept the gospel. I sure love it out here, and I know that no matter what trials I go through, if I keep my faith strong and rely on the Lord, all will be well. You should watch this amazing Mormon Message that I watched this week that really has helped me as I plug through a little bit of a downer week. I know that what President Henry B. Eyring shares in this message is true. I hope you like it. :)
Mountains to Climb
Well, another week already down, time is flying by! I look forward to the week to come and finding out how I can grow even closer to my Heavenly Father and grow in my faith. I sure love it out here and wouldn't change it for anything. I hope you are finding ways to help the missionaries, and are searching for your own personal missionary opportunities. I know that as we do that, the Lord will bless us even more. I love you all so much and miss you, but with the way time is going, see you soon! ;) Love you tons, talk to you next week!
-Elder Gallego
"Be the change you want to see." Thanks Maddie! :)

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