Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hola familia!

This week was a BLAST! I have to say this has definitely been the best birthday week ever! I have loved it! The members here are just so amazing, and made me feel at home as I celebrated my birthday just about 10 times with desserts ranging from tapioca pudding to banana cupcakes to, well, cake! I was also treated to Downtown Disney by my companion as part of missionary birthday tradition, and they gave me a button and everything! I had a blast celebrating not only my birthday, but also 4th of July. There were fireworks going off everywhere, and it was a ton of fun. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, I absolutely loved them all! I attached a few of the pics from my birthday and a few of the people that shared it with me. I'll send more in another email! :) Thank you for the presents, too. They fit me so well. :) I'll be sure to attach pictures to this for you to see! :) A few missionaries let me know that they met you, Alyssa and Mom, at the mission office. Thanks for the package! :) LOVE YOU!
Other than my birthday, I feel like there is SO much that went on this week! It flew by!
Quick little sidebar...a sister in my district that is sitting next to me at the computers here in the library with the rest of our district says hi! :) Her name is Sister Ballard. She's cool.
First off, last week I ran into who I believe to be Sister Siblee's (SP?) father! A man stopped us at the 99 cent store to ask us where the syrup was the night before the 4th of July (yes, that happens often-even from members ;)), and after explaining to him that we don't work there, he looked closer and realized we were missionaries haha. He said he has a daughter married to a Siblee living in Mesa, AZ, and although he told me the first names...my mind has drawn a blank since then...so I'm not sure, but I believe I did! :) That was a cool connection.
Also, this week Azul Ramos was finally baptized! Her father straightened out everything so he could baptize her, and they invited us back to be the witnesses! It was awesome to get a surprise call and get to go back to my old ward again with Elder Facer. It was just like old times! :) It was adorable because she is so tiny, and as she was dipped under the water, she just came feet up, because she wouldn't sink ha, but all went well, and the first try was a charm. :) I was so happy for them, and it was such a great birthday blessing to get to watch another person enter the waters of baptism that I was able to teach. She is such a strong example for her family, and I know that she will continue to bring light to her wonderful family and ward. What a joy!
Another quick little sidebar...I forgot to mention to you that the sister missionary Sister Borchert asked me to look out for back in November did indeed come in January. Sister Morley! She has been in my district since she first got here, and she is tight! We are twins. :) I was looking for Grandma and Grandpa's address (found it, by the way) back in one of my old planners and ran into her name and was freaked out because I had totally forgotten to keep a look out for her, and couldn't figure out why her name was written in my planner, O_O but then I put the pieces together and found that old email from you, Mom, about her. So yep, she's here, and she's cool, too. All the members of my district here in Anaheim rock!
Well, this week was a lot of working to find more investigators. We have done all we possibly can with our current investigators, and unfortunately they are not willing to follow through with commitments, so we are in the process of searching for others to fill their spot in our teaching pool so that we really do the best we can to bring the gospel to those willing to listen and take the steps towards conversion. I know they are here somewhere...it's just a matter of finding them...or rather...being led to them. :) The Holy Ghost is true. As we studied it this last week in Gospel Principles, it really clicked with me that we are truly blessed to have a member of the GODHEAD with us. As we are baptized and are given the gift of the Holy Ghost, we can feel those blessings and guidance in our ever day lives. I testify that is true. I feel it, and I know it is what touches the hearts of those truth seekers. We have been working hard with visiting the English members in the hills, too, in order to branch out and find more Spanish speakers, and although the numbers don't add up now, I have faith that we will see a strong change soon.

I sure love this mission and all it has done to change my life. I love this area, and as the transfer comes to a close yet again (yes, it is already the end of ANOTHER transfer), I take the chance to look back on all that has happened in this area and with this ward. I am truly blessed to be in such a loving ward family right now, and although I feel I will probably be leaving this time, I appreciate all the love and support I feel and have felt here. I look forward to another transfer and another year ahead. Faith is what keeps us going. Taking that step is where it begins. :) I love you all so much, and I am so grateful to have you as my everlasting family. Thank you again for all the birthday wishes. It really was the best birthday ever...and "what better way than to spend it on a mission." I am truly blessed, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU! Cuidense!
-Elder Gallego
"Everything that happens to us leaves some trace behind; everything contributes imperceptibly to make us what we are." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
P.S. I sent a package home yesterday full of memoirs from my mission so far, could you please just set it off to the side with all my other stuff? I'll be sure to share it all with you when I get home. :) Thanks! Don't open it just yet! ;) Love you!

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