Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hola familia!
Wow. This week was fantastic! These people sure do know how to thow a fiesta. ;) Before I get to that though, I want to share the WORK side of this week!
We have been staying busy finding new investigators. Our families that we found a couple weeks ago, and that had a baptismal date have not been dedicating themselves, so sadly we have had to drop them. They don't follow through with the commitments, nor have they been following through with lessons, so we were guided to drop them and search for the eager truth seekers. Let the search continue! :) We found an investigator that may end up being golden! We walked up to him on the street and he pretended to reach into his pocket to answer the phone or something, but we went for it anyways. We asked him if he has faith in Jesus Christ, and immediately, he stopped looking at his phone, looked at us, and told us, "that's exactly what I am looking for in life!" It was so cool! Inspired questions are so powerful. We invited him to church, but he didn't end up coming. We'll be stopping by this week, to see what more we can help him with. Can't wait! :)
Also, on the funnier note, we had exchanges this week, and I went with my grandpa (my trainer's trainer), Elder Arjona, to Fullerton for the day. It's funny because not only was it ironic that I was with my grandfather, but also, he is from Madrid, Spain! So, he has the natural Spaniard accent. Well, guess what. He told me that I speak just like a Spaniard, too...minus the "theta" that they speak with. ha And every house we went to that day pretty much told me the same thing, and assumed we were both from Spain. It cracked me up, because this came out of nowhere! Funny moment. It was a blast, and we taught some AMAZINGLY powerful lessons with members. Love it! We had a neat experience with an inspired question as well. We came to the door of a lady, and she was having a hard time, and we asked her "if God were here right now, what would you ask him?" She started crying and explained to us about how her brother was going through a really hard time, too, and how she really needed something to help their families. It was special. Can't wait to hear about her progression. :)
Other than that, this week was FULL of service opportunities, and I loved it! Service is a great way to find new people to teach, and really build the trust between the members and missionaries of the ward. Especially with less-actives. I love to serve. :)
Now back to the fiesta! Yesterday was one of the coolest days in my mission! Once a year, the whole Spanish stake gets together in this huge park in Irvine and celebrates La Helotada-roughly translated means Corn Festival. All these members get together, play games/sports, and cook a ton of food-the main focus being helote. If you've seen Nacho Libre before, helote is the stuff Esteven loves! :D It's basically corn-on-the-cob with mayo, parmesan cheese, and chili powder and it is SOOOOOOO good! So we enjoyed some of that, and then spent the rest of the day playing sports with the members...I spent all day playing volleyball with them. It was a blast. It got so heated sometimes, but in a fun way. My team dominated! I had some awesome saves, and, of course, some awesome fails...but all around I played pretty well! I swear that since coming out here in the mission field, for some reason, I have become more athletic. Cracks me up, because I don't know where that came from either! All around, I had a great day, although, as you can see in the picture, I got TORCHED! ha Can't wait for next year. :)

This week was a wonderful week, and we are going to power through this week-it being the last one of the transfer. Elder Parkinson and I are having a blast, but we know where are tons of changes coming up soon for sure, so we are going to make it the best week yet, and have more fun than ever-laugh harder than we ever have...if possible. He's awesome! ;) Can't wait to see what God has be do next! I love the mission, and I love the work! Love you so much, love hearing about what's going on back home, and can't wait to hear back, soon! :) Los amo mucho!
-Elder Gallego
"Accept change. It's full of surprises you won't want to miss." 

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